Why I did this...

Ever since I switched over to working with MacOS X, from Windows environment, I've tried countless editors. The problem was that there was always some feature that was missing or something else that bugged me. Finally, I decided to write an editor, that worked the way I like it; Vanguard IDE*.

I had been working nights and weekends with it for ten months, nights and weekends. Two months ago, I started designing a website for it. In my opinion, the design-concept is beautiful and very clean...but a little too "clean". To break the "cleanness", I added a couple of
scribbles and I really liked the outcome. The scribbles
brought a layer of chic and instantly I knew that they
had to be animated. The type of animation was to
difficult to create in Flash or gif-animation tools.

Stubborn to realize the type of animation
I was looking for, I started coding the tool
needed to create such animation...and the
offspring of this development process
is Longscript.

*Vanguard IDE is still in development process
Hakan Bilgin